FMCG Distributor System

Asoft has had the honour and opportunity to customize our core ERP solution to accommodate the needs and requirements of this very niche environment of FMCG distribution. With almost 10 years of experience and growing with the top FMCG distributors in the nation, we’re excited to show you the numerous solutions specifically tailored for this industry.

Key Features

Integration with 3rd Party Systems

(e.g. Principal's DMS, Handheld Solutions)
Transactions need to be keyed in only once in Principal’s software which can then be imported into Asoft with just a few clicks. Minimize data entry errors and eliminate data tallying efforts

Promotion Control

Let system automate promotional discounts and FOC to minimize errors by end user

Multiple Agency Credit Control

Each customer can be assigned in different combinations of salesmen-agency. Sales documents may contain stock items from multiple agencies (general) or exclusively from one agency, while different credit terms and limit can be set independently for each customer-agency combinations

Deliver On Behalf (DOB)

Generate Supplier CN’s (claims), attached with delivery fee, with a single click. For customer DOB, DOB Partners can use Asoft to key-in (or import data to) sales order, which then undergoes credit control before being released for delivery. DOB Partner’s CN can then be automatically generated based on a pre-defined delivery charge

Trade Terms Discounts

Trade terms (e.g. unconditional rebate, distribution centre fee, etc) can be assigned automatically to invoices according to outlet types.

Agency's Channel Discount

Key in channel discounts settings on the selling price for specific outlet types as per imposed by principal. Invoice may not need to print the channel discount (i.e. print net price), as per required by some principals. A separate GL code can be assigned for the channel discount given.

Chain Customer

Especially useful for chain customers where HQ sends a single cheque for its outlets where the end-user does not need to manually separate the cheque amount for entry. Just key in a single payment receipt to handle all outlets at the same time. Statement and ageing can be printed for individual customer or as a consolidated statement for the chain group.

Consolidated credit control

Credit terms and credit limits can be checked across chained customers and agencies

Sales Force Automation

Asoft’s SFA that works with any Android gadget is a good addition the current ERP software. Having the edge of backend data and operational knowledge, Asoft is able to create a seamless partnership between your sales force and your backend clerks, eliminating unnecessary paperwork, double management of data, & data errors

Asoft SFA is an   EMAS   product powered by   innova8tif

Sales Summary

In order to show salesmen the sales performance they have achieved, for the month and for the year so that they can keep track against their sales forecast

Sales Order

Allows salesmen to key in their orders directly into the SFA. These orders will then be imported into Asoft’s backend software with just a few clicks. Featuring a ‘Call Card’ interface, salesmen are able to search and view the products in the most natural way that most salesmen are trained and accustomed to.

Sales Return

Allows returns to be keyed in in a similar manner with sales order


Backend ageing is presented directly on the SFA to allow salesmen to view an updated version of their customer’s ageing. Eliminates the need to hold a paper ageing as per with traditional practices.

Stock Balance

Allows salesmen to get a feel of what are the inventory levels back in the warehouse, without the need to make that telephone call to an office clerk

Customer Receipt

Asoft’s SFA comes with a customer receipt module that allows salesmen to immediately ‘match’ the outstanding invoices within the SFA itself. Can be printed via a paired Bluetooth printer, keyed in using via cash or cheque mode, & imported into Asoft’s backend with a few clicks.