Manufacturing Software

Asoft Digital proudly presents a fully functional manufacturing system that is fully integrated with solutions to manage the common struggles of manufacturers.

The solution is implemented on top of the current Asoft ERP solution allowing a seamless integration with accounts and other operational modules.

Available Modules include:

  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Work Order / Job Card
  • Material Issue
  • Material Return
  • Material Issue Request
  • Sub-Contract Control
  • Material Replacement
  • Material Rejection
  • Finished Goods
  • Process / Routing Feedback
  • Sub-Assembly Parts Feedback

Key Features

Material Requirement Planning

Supports multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) and allows customization of work orders.

Generates comprehensive material requirement reports to show insufficient stocks, together with PO information for following up on.

On demand forecast / Availability to promise

Project Control / Accounting

Customizable data types and project budget worksheets, with multiple revisions and 'actual' comparisons with live data

Accommodates 'sales acrual' concept, progressive billing tracking and allows dynamic Project Information Template for different types of projects

Material Batch / Serial Number Control

Full control of batched inventories or Serial Number to accommodate exact audit trail (traceability) of materials used during production

Batch Number or Serial Number can also be assigned during Goods Receipt or after Production

Process / Routing Feedback

Enables customized process / routing structure for every product, feedback of material consumption during foute feedback and capacity feedback to compare against benchmark for output efficiency

Can be used to create individualized job sheets according to products

Multiple Elements for Product ID

Our unique approach to this problem avoids using classifications and too many permutations and complications for product IDs. While allowing flexibility to accomodate multiple variations of each product